Advanced Cottage

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The Advanced Home Energy Solutions is designed for a year-round residence or large summer home.

The system consists of three 250-Watt solar modules designed to quickly charge a 24V battery bank. A magnum 4024 PAE sine wave inverter then feeds clean 120/240 VAC power into your electric panel.

The AHES is designed to produce between 1 to 2 KWh per day.

You can also expand your system by adding more solar modules and/or a wind generator. Surrette batteries and array power maybe added for a complete system

System Features:

  • 750W Solar Array
  • Fast-Rack Roof Mount
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller with Full Metering
  • 4000W Magnum E-Panel with Pure Siner Inverter 120/240 VAC
  • Array Wiring Kit and Combiner Box
  • Inverter Remote Control
  • Installation Manual

Mounting Options:

Other Features:

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