Commissioning Planning

The Roxter Group team of experienced Electrical Commissioning Experts help clients achieve a smooth transition from construction to Startup. We offer a full variety of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning services to ensure all systems are ready for a safe and successful Start-Up. At Roxter Group we work closely with our client’s Engineers, system vendors and operating teams to design procedures and develop plans for successful Commissioning of a facility. We provide our clients with a full variety of Commissioning Planning services including:

  • Estimating cost and developing time and manpower schedules
  • Identifying material requirements and providing sourcing and procurement services
  • Creating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and sequencing activities
  • Developing safety and emergency procedures
  • Developing plans for Quality Control and tracking progress

Our Commissioning Planning services also take into consideration resources required for correctly identifying and recording construction errors during the pre-commissioning phase.

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