Construction Planning

Project Scheduling

At Roxter Group we take great pride in helping clients complete their projects on time and on budget. Our team places great emphasis on understanding our clients’ project requirements.


Cost Estimation

We understand that an accurate cost estimate is an integral part of effective planning. It is a key factor in conducting value-to-price analysis when reviewing contractor proposals, considering alternative solutions, and determining materials and manpower requirements.

Manpower Planning

At Roxter Group, determining your man-power requirements is as an essential part of our project planning and scheduling strategies. We constantly strive to develop procedures and solutions that maximize quality and productivity while minimizing resource requirements.

Material Requirement Planning

Material Plans typically include a breakdown of all required materials and equipment along with expected delivery dates and prices. We also develop procedures for proper storage and movement of materials in your warehouse.

Material Storage Planning

Our team of experts at Roxter Group create customized storage plans designed to protect your equipment against various environmental factors such as water/ice, contamination, excessive heat or cold, temperature variations, etc. In addition, we determine the sequence in which materials and equipment are required during the construction/manufacturing process and organize materials in your warehouse accordingly.

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