Equipment & Material Storage Planning

Often there might be a gap between the time equipment and materials are delivered to a construction site and when they are ready to be installed or used in the field. In the meantime, a good storage Plan will ensure that your materials and equipment are stored properly and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. It also ensures that all materials and equipment can be accessed quickly, thus, reducing your manpower needs.

Our team of experts at Roxter Group create customized storage plans designed to protect your equipment against various environmental factors such as water/ice, contamination, excessive heat or cold, temperature variations, etc. In addition, we determine the sequence in which materials and equipment are required during the construction/manufacturing process and organize materials in your warehouse accordingly. Our services include:

  • Developing guidelines for storing materials indoors and/or in an open yard
  • Identifying hazardous materials and developing strategies for safe handling and storage
  • Developing plans for minimizing damage and increasing workers’ safety during emergencies
  • Providing procedures for good housekeeping and maintaining a sanitary warehouse
  • Developing safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal procedures

At Roxter Group, our goal is to develop storage plans that increase productivity and reduce resource requirements.

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