Health & Safety Management

At Roxter Group we are devoted to promoting a work environment where health and safety of workers is given the highest priority.  Roxter group Health and Safety Program is designed to develop, improve and implement activities that are vital to protecting everyone’s safety and is intended to provide maximum protection against hazards and/or incidents. Our programs also define clear strategies for protecting client assets against damage and are designed to avoid potential interruptions in the production cycle due to incidents and/or safety concerns. Our safety programs include:

  • Enforcing safety policies required by our clients and as defined by Roxter Group Health & Safety manual
  • Identifying hazards and developing safety guidelines for carrying out production activities
  • Developing procedures for reporting and investigating incidents and/or safety concerns
  • Developing plans and guidelines for emergency preparedness of staff and workers
  • Holding training sessions and workshops to promote safety

At Roxter Group we believe in adopting the highest safety standards as a part of our safety culture. We have zero tolerance for activities that jeopardize health and safety of the people involved in our projects.

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