Material Quality Assurance

At Roxter Group we believe that quality assurance alone is as important as all other aspects of procurement and material management combined. We follow two basic principles when it comes down to identifying potential suppliers. We ensure that our suppliers are competent and have a proven track record of abiding by safety and quality standards. We place a great emphasis on ensuring all technical specifications and required certifications are identified and communicated to our suppliers before a purchase order is processed.

From the time purchase orders are created and the time products are ready to be shipped, our quality team will monitor all supplier’s activities to ensure all items are manufactured per the required standards and are tested for potential defects at the home facility. We also ensure that the final shipment is accompanied with all certifications required by our clients and/or by local, territorial, or provincial regulations at the consumer end.

Roxter Group technical team also offers onsite services to test and inspect the delivered products. We develop procedures for proper storage of materials and provide our clients with preservation and maintenance schedules.