Power Back-Up

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Many people want the combination of solar grid-tie and backup power. When the sun rises their homes use solar electricity for their power needs. If more power is needed than the solar system can provide then their home draws from the utility once more.

Utility power does fail though. Whether from storms, falling trees, or equipment failure, power outages can inconvenient, scary, and costly. In the event of power outage, the Solar Ready Backup Solutions will come to the rescue. With 2500W to 4000W of instantaneous backup power, the Secure Source system keeps essential loads in a house or business running. Loads such as computers, sump pumps, telephones, security systems, and lighting are possible.

Whether you choose a Secure Source Backup System or Solar Ready Secure Source System, they both start with a Grid-tie backup inverter. With the enclosures, we pre-wire an MPPT solar charge controller and ass a 4-kWh battery bank. Larger inverters and battery banks for greater backup duration are also possible.

When you are ready to increase your solar power, simply add one or more 750W solar arrays. These packages come with three 250w solar modules, roof mounts, and rooftop wiring.

Select your backup system from Column A and your solar array from Column B and voila!

You are now safe, secure, and green!


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