Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Roxter Group Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning services involve activities necessary for verifying the functionality of all systems and sub-systems towards the end of construction phase. Our services ensure that all systems are fully tested and ready for start-up. Some of our services include:

  • Reviewing as-built construction work packages and P&IDs
  • Verifying mechanical completion and compliance with codes and project specifications
  • Conducting field walks and documenting system deficiencies
  • Developing procedures and sequences for pre-functional and functional testing
  • Identifying and supplying materials and equipment
  • Monitoring and coordinating supplier activities
  • Supplying and managing experienced manpower
  • Managing quality and tracking progress
  • Preparing system completion documents and packages
  • Conducting pre-start-up safety reviews

Prior to carrying out the commissioning activities, Roxter Group Commissioning team will ensure that proper commissioning boundaries are set. Our management team will also ensure that the safety and emergency procedures developed during the planning phase are communicated to all team members.

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