Preservation & Equipment Maintenance

At Roxter Group we help clients maintain and protect their valuable materials and equipment during different phases of construction and operations. Material Storage Planning is an integral part of our Construction Management services and is intended to provide guidelines for proper storage of construction materials and equipment.

We also offer Maintenance and Preservation programs during all phases of plant operation. These programs are in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and are designed to have minimal interference with your production schedules. Our programs are suitable for all equipment and machinery found in typical industrial plants, including, pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, gearboxes, fans, etc. The services offered by Roxter Group include but are not limited to:

  • Inspecting equipment and machinery for damages
  • Performing and tracking preventative maintenance activities
  • Developing equipment Corrosion prevention plans
  • Developing plans to minimize Environmental effects on equipment
  • Monitoring and tracking equipment lubrication schedules
  • Developing spare equipment and parts storage plans
  • Identifying and Supplying materials and products required for proper maintenance

Every year millions of dollars are lost as a result of improper preservation and storage planning strategies. Our engineers and industry experts can help maximize the life expectancy of your equipment and maintain spare machinery and materials in their original state until they are ready to be used/installed.