Warehouse & Inventory Management

At Roxter Group we believe in lean processes that increase productivity and reduce cost. We help clients optimize their warehouse space and manpower requirements by designing customized Inventory Management, Quality Assurance, Storage, and Movement plans that best fit their need. Our strategies focus on eliminating the following 4 common problems in industrial warehouses:

Excessive Inventories:

Excessive inventories increase space and manpower requirements and cerate unsafe and overly congested areas in a warehouse. We help clients minimize their warehouse operation costs and create a safe and manageable environment by eliminating unwanted inventories.

Low Inventories:

Our Effective Inventory Management strategies not only help avoid excessive inventories, they minimize the risk of encountering material shortage problems. This is achieved by utilizing the Just-in-Time (JIT) method that ensures materials are received as they are ready to be used in the construction/production process.

Improper Storage:

Our Storage Plans ensure that your valuable materials and equipment are stored properly and away from the environmental factors that can cause significant damage. It also ensures that materials are easily accessible when required.

Inefficient Material Tracking Systems:

Our Warehouse Management services ensure that materials and equipment are properly tagged and logged into an organized Material Tracking System. This minimizes the risk of materials getting lost and make sure all items can be located as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Roxter Group we constantly strive to provide our clients with safe and cost effective methods of managing their operations. Aside from the financial benefits that our Warehouse and Inventory Management services offer, they will contribute to safer and more productive work environments.