Solar Lighting

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If your challenge is to provide outdoor lighting in an area not serviced with power, our solar powered lighting system kits are the answer. We can reliably illuminate signs, driveways, parking areas or stairs 365 days a year in Canada.

To do this we use the latest high efficiency LED luminaires. LED’s offer the most lumens per watt of energy used, and work in wide range of temperatures. Our 12/24V fixtures are powered by a solar battery system.

The trick to providing reliable lighting in winter is to size the solar panels and battery storage correctly. We use computer modeling to predict solar panel production in your area, and temperature data to select the right battery size. We include controllers to turn the lights on/off and to protect the batteries from deep discharges and freezing. Our lighting kits include solar panels, mounts, batteries, and LED light fixture(s).

We can help you select the right solar power solution if you tell us the lighting hours, your choice of fixtures, and details about your site.

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