Ultimate Cottage

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Ultimate Cottage Solution:

The Ultimate Home Energy Solution is designed to support comfortable living beyond the reach of utility lines.

The system consists of a 1500W solar array and in most cases, can generate between 2 to 4 kWh of electricity per day.

The MPPT charge controller helps maximize the output in all light levels and a 8000W OutBack Radian inverter delivers plenty of power for household appliances.

The system can power things like well pumps and includes a powerful battery charger to quickly top up batteries in winter.

If more power is required in the future, you can add more solar modules or a generator. Also, the optional big Red Batter Bank is a great choice for energy storage.

The UHES is delivered as a kit. All you need to provide are the solar cables and batteries.

Features of the UHES:

  • 1500W Solar Array
  • Fast-Rack Roof Mount
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller with Full Metering
  • 8000w OutBack Radian System with Pure Sine Inverter, Dual 120/240 VAC
  • Mate 3 Remote

Mounting Options:

Other features:

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